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Ireland is the land of ingredients. Our mild climate, plentiful supply of Atlantic rain and our unspoilt landscape, mean cows can live outdoors all year, crops ripen earlier and quality is high. Perhaps all that goodness made us take food for granted because, until about 30 years ago, there wasn’t much interest in gourmet cooking or eating out in Ireland. Now we’re obsessed with food – quality food, diverse food, exotic food, healthy food, indulgent food, organic food. You’ll find it all in Dublin close to Handel’s Hotel – haut cuisine and country baking, Sushi and burgers, spaghetti and roast beef – it’s all waiting to be discovered and enjoyed – with the beverage of your choice.

Drop Dead Twice

Drop Dead Twice is located across the junction from Handel’s Hotel on historic Francis Street, in the heart of The Liberties area, which is regarded by many as the true heart of Dublin.

Drop Dead Twice

Sano Pizza

Located on Exchange Street Upper, in the heart of Temple Bar, Sano Pizza is just around the corner from Handel’s Hotel.

Sano Pizza


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